Redevelopment Services

AWR has assisted in permitting and redevelopment of environmentally impaired properties for revitalization as new industrial, commercial, and residential land-use operations.  Our clients include real estate developers, municipalities, ports, and industrial corporations.

Our Strategic Approach to Redeveloping Contaminated Sites
Strategically, our approach for efficient and effective redevelopment considers evaluation of market demand and political targets. This involves understanding local economic and environmental impacts and careful regulatory and technical planning.  We recommend preemptive or pro-active communication to redirect regulator and public inquiry to more sensible and reasonable progress.

Our services begin with facilitating the real estate transaction and continues with the remediation of the property, permitting, planning, some design, and construction management of the development.  AWR works with property developers early on to identify innovative solutions to complex environmental issues.  Our team of engineers, geologists and environmental scientists have the experience to manage risks inherent with redeveloping challenging and technically complex sites.

As evidenced in our projects, our work with redevelopers has resulted in safe, successful, sustainable, and profitable projects for our clients. Through our relationships with lenders, brokers, regulators, legal representatives and politicians, we can assist our clients with property acquisition, financing, and redevelopment strategies to meet the project needs.

Remediation and Mitigation Measures
AWR always seeks to work with our clients to integrate the environmental cleanup or mitigation with the property development to save on environmental cleanup costs.  We can do this by:
  • Writing and implementing effective soil management plans to limit costly soil off-haul
  • Proposing the project design as part of the remedy
  • Identifying land use controls (LUCs) to avoid additional cleanup
By working closely with developers and regulators AWR has been able to design regulatory approved and cost-effective mitigation measures allow for site development.  Some of these methods include:
  • Vapor Barrier Application
  • Sub Slab Ventilation
  • Site engineering controls
  • Grout curtains and passive contamination barriers
Financial Support
We are always sensitive and responsive to our client’s schedule and financial constraints.  AWR works with commercial and industrial property owners and developers to provide the following services to meet the project funding needs:
  • Grant Writing, Public Funding Programs and Financing Support
  • Brownfield Site Application and Support
  • Public Notices and Community Outreach
  • Regulatory Negotiations and Consulting
  • Environmental Litigation Support