Geographic Information Systems

Database Management Services
Accurate data storage and management is essential to the success of any environmental project.  Our database system is designed for ease of access in the field and the office and allows us to seamlessly query, manage, share, and visualize complex geologic and environmental data.  Clients can access environmental data through web-based management software.  

Geographic Information Systems
AWR utilizes ESRI ArcGIS software to store and manage geographically based environmental data. With this program we are able to:
  • Synthesize complex environmental data sets into user-friendly figures
  • Maintain spatially accurate databases
  • Conduct geospatial analyses of data over time
  • Map contaminant delineation over time
  • Model contaminant fate and transport
  • Conduct historical site research and generate historical image overlays
  • Map 3D terrain and subsurface geology
Integrate existing geospatial databases including:
  • LIDAR elevation data
  • USGS topographic Maps
  • County Parcel and Utility Maps
  • City Public Works and and Building Department Maps