Financing Support

We understand that environmental characterization and cleanup costs can be costly and put our clients in a difficult financial position.  Regulatory agencies may issue notices of violation threatening with additional fines for non compliance, adding pressure on the financial resources of a property owner.  

We are always sensitive and responsive to our client’s financial constraints and have helped multiple clients find funding sources for the cleanup of their environmental sites. AWR has been able to help our clients find funding for their environmental sites from multiple sources including:
  • Grants and public funding
  • State Underground Storage Tank Fund
  • Private financing for environmental cleanup
  • Brownfield redevelopment grants
  • City and county redevelopment agency funding
  • California Underground Storage Tank Fund
AWR has intimate knowledge of the State Water Board’s UST Cleanup Fund, which provides state money to cover costs of the investigation and cleanup of contamination from underground storage tanks.  For gasoline storage tank sites, AWR has successfully applied for clients to receive funding from the State and our invoicing and billing approach always seeks to provide our clients with the maximum allowable reimbursement for environmental costs.

Also, AWR understands that certain cases with the UST Fund become stalled and clients can wait for years before the UST Fund commits financial resources to the Site.  In these cases, AWR has moved the process forward by reaching out the the UST fund, reclassifying as needed, or tapping political resources in order to move the case along to get funding for our clients.  

Please contact us if your site is stalled with the UST fund to see if we can help.  

businessman taking notes and using a calculator while working on financing supportbusinessman taking notes and using a calculator while working on financing support