We know there are many ways to solve a problem

Our Specialties

AWR delivers practical experience derived from hands-on investigation, remediation of contaminated sites, redevelopment of contaminated property, restoration of creeks and wetlands, protection of water resources, design and permits for dredging, characterization of sediment biogeochemistry, reusing dredged sediments in the Bay and Delta, settling NRDA claims, technical deposition, and regulatory negotiations.

​​​​​​​We pride ourselves on being a multidisciplinary firm able to tackle complex projects with simple solutions.  We provide services to a variety of private sector clients, ranging from manufacturers, commercial operations, natural resource production, and real estate developers; and public sector clients ranging from military, resource trustees, conservation agencies, and water, sanitary, and parks districts.

We first seek to understand our clients’ goals in resolving environmental liabilities with respect to financial, schedule, and political constraints. By working closely with our clients, we help your project get started, and evolve to optimize economic, environmental, political, and legal success.
We know there are many ways to solve a problem. In addition to a solid technical and regulatory approach, lasting problem resolution must minimize current and future risks and uncertainty, and as possible, fulfill the needs of significant stakeholders.