AWR is at the forefront of environmental technology and design.  

We have a proven track record of providing innovative solutions that integrate multiple environmental and political disciplines.  AWR stays current on environmental design technologies and strives to create sustainable solutions that consider the environment and the community.

These projects are important to us because they represent our core environmental values. Some of our innovative projects include:

Aquifer Storage and Recovery

AWR has performed evaluations of aquifer storage and recovery to promote sustainable use of groundwater resources. These types of projects are critical to maintaining water resources in drought-prone areas like California, and increasingly important in changing climate.

Dam Removal Evaluation and Riparian Restoration

AWR has worked with conservation agencies to evaluate environmental impacts related to dam removals.  We also have experience on the consulting and construction side of riparian restoration projects associated with dam removal, creek “daylighting”, and wetland restoration.  We pride ourselves on projects like this that represent our core values of environmental conservation and stewardship.

Delta In Channel Islands

Through our work in the Sacramento/San Joaquin delta, AWR has identified that in channel islands are slowly disappearing due to a combination of erosional forces and rising water levels. These islands provide invaluable habitat for a variety of delta species, support delta businesses and recreational facilities, and have valuable flood control benefits.  AWR is working with resource trustees to figure out ways to protect and restore these important and vanishing islands.